Grace Cancer Run 2020

RUN TOWARDS ABUNDANT LIFE ON OCT 10, 2020 & TAKE PART IN THE RACE TO BEAT COVID-19 ON NOVEMBER 7, 2020 LET US NOT HIDE OURSELVES BEHIND FEAR AND INSTEAD RUN FOR CANCER BEYOND COVID. BEAT CANCER…BEYOND COVID-19ON 10-10-2020 5K | 10K | 21.1K REGISTER NOW Grace Cancer Run Is back, and this time it is virtual. Although the world is undergoing a great change with the pandemic, it is necessary that the dreaded diagnosis and prevalence of cancer is not ignored at any cost. Can there be any scenario in which we neglect Cancer Awareness  in this time of Covid19 or any other time? And the answer should and will always be an emphatic NO. We would rather say the price of ignoring cancer can be monumental, given